5 Games You Can Play with Your Spinning Tops

 While the hats are very attractive once you roll them, you can further enjoy this fun game with its exciting gameplay. You can play the best spinning games alone or with your friends to share your passion for these amazing games. When you send your peaks to the playing field, you will have to overcome challenges to get the most points. Whether you have classic swivel tops or colorful swivel tops, the following five games will keep you busy and have fun for years to come.

Wheel Decide

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Hit the target
Like curling, the "Hit the Target" swivel jersey
encourages you to learn to predict how long the spinning top will spin and where it will land. With this game, the goal is to shoot your top and make it stop spinning while you are inside a circle drawn on the ground. The closer to the center of the drawn target, the more points you get. You can easily draw your targets on the ground temporarily with sidewalk chalk or a canvas pen. Select a starting point far from the target circle so that everyone can practice a fair.

Do tricks

The centrifugal force generated from the peaks make them excellent candidates for stunt competitions. You can buy spinning tops specially designed for this purpose or you can just work with what you have. Try flipping and twisting techniques to create amazing tricks and perfect basic tricks. If you want to take on your friends, take turns judging fights with a fun scoring system. You can also play a different version of "Simon Says" by having one person do a series of tricks and see if the next person can copy them with this trick.

Start a fight

Many different peaks can be defended in battles against other peaks. You can fight to see which emblem can take the most hits and keep spinning for the longest time. Consider adding a timer to fights to encourage competitors to increase the effectiveness of their throw and turn techniques. If competitors want a bigger challenge, they can throw two or three swivel shirts at a time for an all-out battle.

Take the Spin Challenge

The Twist Challenge takes a gentler approach to the concept of battle. With this set, you only need to shake off the top at the same time and see which turns out the most. You can perform spin challenges against your friends or see if you can throw two perfect peaks at the same time. Adjustments will be necessary for the swing and release techniques as you and your friends try to achieve longer swing times. Use a rotating tray to remove the impact of imperfections on the playing surface and simply test the strength of your tops.

Start with spinning tops

You can start adding excitement with the spinning tops by trying these five amazing games. Offer toys to your friends and family so everyone will be interested in playing and getting to know your spinning tops. When everyone starts expressing the need to buy sweatshirts, send them to the Art of Play to find their perfect models. Our rotating tops are ideal for solo and competitive play as they spin freely on the ground.